Our Worship Services are broadcast every Wednesday at 10:00am on Sheboygan Cable Channel 95 (analog) or Channel 990 (digital).  You can watch our services ANY TIME on your computer AFTER they have been broadcast.

Go to this link:

For example:

If you wish to see our April 27  service,

                       click on WednesdayApril 30 (NOT Sunday, April 27),  in the schedule listing find 10:00 a.m. “Christ Community Church: April 27” and — way over on the right — click “Watch Now”.

            A box will pop up. If it doesn’t automatically start playing, click on the triangle-shaped play button.  To get a full-screen picture, click on the double-arrow in the lower right corner of the little screen. To get back to the small-sized picture, press the “ESC” key on your keyboard.

 WSCS can only archive a few services now, where in the past we have had several years archived.

You can also watch both our morning and our evening services on our facebook website!