Our Worship Services are broadcast every Wednesday at 10:00am on Sheboygan Cable Channel 95 (analog) or Channel 990 (digital).  You can watch our services ANY TIME on your computer AFTER they have been broadcast.

WSCS is undergoing web changes.  While they are updating their site, the directions for viewing have changed.  Opening the link above will bring you to our video series.


A link with picture directions can be viewed here:
(Once the website has been completed these instructions will work again.)
On the little calendar, pick a Wednesday from any PREVIOUS week.

For example:

If you wish to see our April 27 “Anniversary Celebration” service,

            go to the link:  http://www.wscssheboygan.com/programming/schedule/  click back to the April calendar,

            click on WednesdayApril 30 (NOT Sunday, April 27),  in the schedule listing find 10:00 a.m. “First Christian Reformed Church: April 27, 2014” and — way over on the right — click “Watch Now”.

            A box will pop up. If it doesn’t automatically start playing, click on the triangle-shaped play button.  To get a full-screen picture, click on the double-arrow in the lower right corner of the little screen. To get back to the small-sized picture, press the “ESC” key on your keyboard.

 If you wish to see our April 26 “Organ & Hymn Festival”:

After May 15,

            go to the link: 


in the search box type Organ & Hymn Festival press the “Search” button. Click “Watch Now”.  Follow the instructions above.